Dr. Aboli Chandge is a godsend. She is very patient person who genuinely cares about her patients. She always takes the time to explain things to me in terms that I can understand . The entire staff is wonderful. I would recommend Dr. Aboli Chandge to anyone seeking for a pregnancy and pcos , and brilliant doctor!


Dr. Aboli is very kind at heart and explained us all the details in simple words. She is true professional and ensured that the patient received proper treatment. Most touching thing I liked about the doctor was she believed in long term solution rather than short term fixes. The treatment suggested by doctor going to help the patient over years as compare to immediate pain relief. Doctor ensure patient is treated uniquely considering age and complexity of the medical condition diagnosed. I would strongly recommend doctor for her specialties and wish her best and long life. Thank You ! ani khup khup Abhar

Mahesh Thakur

I really appreciate Dr Aboli, she has excellent knowledge and is amazing in what she is doing. She was very comforting and just after talking to her I was confident that I was in good hands. I Thankyou for your help throughout and wish you all the best.

Insha Khan

The doctor isvery soft spoken, she understood my problem very well and treated it with great care..Also she pateintly cleared all my doubts about medicines,side effect and procedure.I totally recommend Dr Aboli for all gynec issues and fertility treatment.I Thankyou for your help throughout and wish you all the best.

Reshu kejriwal

    I strongly recommend to those who are having obst or gynae related problem go n visit once.she is best ever gynaecologist in pune.the way she treats patients is commendable...so go for it


    Dr. Aboli is best and so much have experience. She is so much helpful and understand all the situation. She provide the solution according to the situation. She is the best doctor I recommend her.

    Harish Gautam

    Dr.Aboli is experienced, well trained lady doctor for pregnant women and women with gynaecology related problems. She is available anytime for emergency cases along with OPD and admitted patient care. She also has vast experience in cosmetic procedures which are latest advances in medical field. I recommend her to everyone.


      Dr Aboli is a genius doctor. She is kind and careful while listening to the health problem. Avoids unnecessary lab test. She not only considers the current health issues but also enquires about the intake of calcium or vitamin d3 and minerals which are very necessary for women health. Highly recommended doctor. Most importantly prescribes only necessary medicines.

      Sarika Chouhan

      I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Aboli Chandge... She is very kind and explained everything patiently.... I will definitely recommend her...

      Ruchira Bhamare

      Dr Aboli.. Is a skilled and proficient professional. I would recommend her with all my heart!

      Madhvi Sangolkar

        We had one of the best experience with Doctors knowledge, she is very helpful and knowledgeable, always ready to answer your doubts in simple language. In simple word, highly recommend.

        Aniruddha Nikte

        Dr अबोली कडून मी नियमित सल्ला व मा्गदर्शन घेतं आहे जेव्हा पासून तिने एमबीबीएस साठी addmition घेतली माझ्या छोट्या मोठ्या helh प्रॉब्लेम असो वा घरातील इतर कोणासाठी मी नेहमीच अबोली ल cusult करते आणि दरवेळी माझे पूर्ण समाधान करेपर्यंत ती मला समजावून सांगते ती एक हुशार dr tar आहेच पण ती समोरच्याला त्याच्या लेव्हल ल जाऊन समजावून सांगते कधी ही काहीही अडचणीत ती prefect सल्ला देते आणीत्यामुळे निश्चितच समाधान मिळते patient la अशाच एका अनुभवी व समजावून सांगणाऱ्या dr chi garaj aahe Dr aboli तु नक्की एक उत्तमस्त्री रोग तज्ञ आहे thanks for your advices every time